Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bia Hoi

Our bia hoi crew!
Bia Hoi means draft beer in Vietnamese. Our guide, John (in the hat), invited us out one night in Hanoi with his friends. We got to the bar and it was built around trees, kinda like Paul's Club in Madison. We sat down and had some beers and they were delicious. One of his friends then pulled out a huge jug of homemade rice wine. They pour the wine into little shot glasses, then usually someone asks you to do a shot with them, you both stand up, take the shot, and then shake hands afterwards. The wine is really soft and smooth goin down, but it packs a serious punch. John also ordered a bunch of food for the table: fried tofu, goat, dog, and garlic spinach. Before we knew it, the place started getting packed. We lasted about 3 hours in there. John made sure we got home safely and then Mo spent the entire next day in bed. A memorable evening to say the least. Bia hoi.
Me doing a shot with the gentleman at the next table. He was a firecracker.
Post shot handshake with one of John's friends.
Our new friend, Lan.