Sunday, February 12, 2012

and then I put an egg on it at Farmstead

Farmstead is a part of Long Meadow Ranch, which is a 650 acre ranch in the hills overlooking Napa Valley. They produce the highest quality grass-fed beef, eggs and heirloom fruits and vegetables. Farmstead definitely is the epitome of farm-to-table dining and is one of the most sustainable restaurants I've been to.
It's been on our hit list for a while now and we finally made it over there for lunch today. This valley is filled with fantastic burgers, but the one at Farmstead is definitely one of the best. I know this is a bold statement, but goddamn was it delicious. Served on a potato bun with arugula, white cheddar, a tangy aioli, and one dreamy poached egg. I was literally moaning and grunting on my bar stool with each and every bite. It was just that good.
Everything we ate was awesome and we can't wait to go back! Looking forward to checking out one of their Tuesday Traditions!