Tuesday, August 6, 2013

White Rock Vineyards

Best way to find good wineries is by asking people you trust. The nice folks over at Adastra told us about White Rock and we loved everything about it. Fantastic family run place with amazing, reasonably priced wines. (They haven't raised their prices in 15 years!!!) Love how a nice married couple bought the property in the 70's and raised their three kids there. One of their sons grows the grapes, one son makes the wine and their daughter is a cheesemaker. I obviously asked if they were looking to adopt a 32 year old because this is a family I'd like to be a part of.

The winery is completely underground in their 6,000 square foot cave. Tastings are private and thorough and the staff is so knowledgeable, friendly and laid back. Did I mention we loved this place?!

Here's our favorites of the day:
Napa Chardonnay - $30
Claret (Bordeaux Blend) - $40
Laureate - $50
Hand Press Malbec - $30
Hand Press Syrah - $36