Saturday, November 13, 2010

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

FullSuit Belgian Brown Ale with Pot Roast Sliders at Karl Strauss
One thing I love about San Diego is that it is a beer town. After working in wine country for two years, it is a refreshing change. I don't know that much about beer, but I know what I like and I look forward to learning more.

Karl Strauss is right down the street from us in La Jolla and has become our favorite happy hour stop. (That is saying a lot because happy hours are plentiful in this town.) The beer is fantastic and it's great that the beer menu constantly changes. My personal favorite is their Red Trolley Ale. All I know is that it is an Irish-style red ale and that it is super smooth and not too hoppy. I'm not going to pretend that I am a beer expert, but this one is awesome.

The featured beer this month is the FullSuit Belgian Brown Ale and we loved it. It helped that we ordered it with the pot roast sliders with gouda and truffle oil that were made specifically to complement this beer. I think pairing beer with food is fascinating and hope to become better at it one day.

We love Karl Strauss and can't wait to check out more San Diego breweries!