Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Linkery

Photo from http://www.thelinkery.com/
I can't say enough good things about this place. The Linkery is on 30th street in North Park, which is one of our favorite neighborhoods. It has everything that I hope for in a night out: great beer and cask wine on tap, farm-to-table menu, and the best bacon I've ever had. If that wasn't enough, I really like their "no tipping" policy. They add 18% gratuity to every bill and if you choose to show extra gratitude you can leave extra cash that will be donated to their charity of the month. Great idea.

The Linkery gets all their produce from local and independent farmers and they only use the best sustainably raised meats. They make all their sausages in house and they cure their own ham, bacon, and other charcuterie. The best part is North Park Meat Co is a tiny place in the corner of the restaurant where you can purchase their meats to take home. We obviously took home a boatload of bacon and I made the best bacon and eggs ever this morning. Anyway...

Everything we ate for dinner was delicious. Not only did the bacon blow me away, but their homemade spicy brat with homemade mustard and sauerkraut was fantastic. So were their yellowtail poppers, which were kind of like a deconstructed fish taco. Last but certainly not least was the lardo ice cream sandwich with candied bacon. Let me start by saying that I have had plenty of bacon desserts. I often am not a fan of the bacon dessert because they are usually not done well. The Linkery does it right. The lardo ice cream is ridiculously good because it is rich and creamy without being overpowering. They sandwich it between two perfect chocolate chip cookies and finish it off with a piece of candied bacon on top. The candied bacon was insane.

If you are in San Diego, definitely check out The Linkery or their sister restaurant El Take It Easy. We also love El Take It Easy. It is a little more upscale and they have the best sweet and sour pork belly tacos in the world. San Diego does have good food! http://www.thelinkery.com/