Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dumpling Inn

xiao lung bao
I can safely say that xiao lung bao (Shanghai steamed soup dumplings) are one of my favorite things to eat. They are delicious, chewy dumplings filled with seasoned, minced pork and savory broth. Eat them with a sprig of ginger and a few drops of vinegar and it is ridiculous. We are gonna be in Shanghai for a few days this summer and can't wait to eat as many of these as humanly possible and see where they were born.

Dumpling Inn on Convoy St has some of the best I've ever had and some other really tasty things as well. Their potstickers were really crispy without being greasy at all and the jelly fish was surprisingly really delicious. The homemade, wide, chewy noodles were also amazing, but you have to specify that you want the homemade noodles. Also, make sure you ask for their homemade chili sauce. Yum.

We are dumpling fanatics and were seriously impressed. If you are in San Diego or plan on visiting, this place is a destination. It's really that good.