Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fremont Diner

Jason and I just booked a trip up to San Francisco for next month. We are gonna drive up to Napa one day to start looking for a place to live and I already know that we will be stopping at the Fremont Diner on the drive from the city.

Fremont Diner is on Hwy 121 on your way to Napa or Sonoma from San Francisco. (It is on the way when you take the Golden Gate Bridge not the Bay Bridge.) You really gotta keep your eye out for it because it is very small and the only thing nearby are a bunch of cows.

It is by far the cutest and most delicious country diner I have ever been to. I think that sums it up. I mean there is a sign that says WHOLE HOG in front of the door. First time I went we ordered almost everything on the breakfast menu and then waited around till they started serving lunch and ordered some more food.

They only do breakfast and lunch, but they do it ridiculously well. Here are some of the highlights from my last trip up:

biscuits and gravy

shrimp and grits

brisket hash
pancakes and bacon
spicy fried chicken
I can't wait to try their whole hog sandwich and I hear these days they are doing their fried chicken with waffles. Sign me up.