Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Hanoi

Oranges in Hanoi are green skinned
We are loving Hanoi. For some reason people seem a lot friendlier up here in the north. People smile and laugh a lot and are actually pretty eager to help you. First and foremost, Hanoi is fantastically delicious. I may very well turn into a rice noodle soon.

More pho. Mo loves all the crazy power lines throughout the city.
Pho 10
I gotta tell ya, Pho 10 was pretty damn close to as good as 49 Bat Dan. There really is nothing better than a nice hot bowl of pho to fill your belly for breakfast. Just like the last place we went, we were surrounded by tons of quiet slurping locals. This time we put an egg on it and we were sure happy we did.
Next stop was a coffee shop for some famous local weasel poop coffee. Something about how the weasels eat some fruit and poo out the beans. I don't know. Vietnamese coffee is like pure gasoline.

Quan An Ngon
This place was awesome. You walk in and it is a giant courtyard. Lots of tables in the center surrounded by foodstalls all around the perimeter. Its great because you can walk around with a waitress to all the different stalls and just point at what you want and have her tell you what everything is and/or you can sit at a table and order off a menu. We did a little of both and it was so much fun. We feasted. We got about 5 different dishes and 2 drinks and it was $10. Loved this place.
Hanoi shrimp head fried pancakes. Fantastic.
Think this was called banh coin thin. Sort of a rice noodle dumpling stuffed with pork with fried onions and pork on top.
Crab spring rolls and some fried pork on vermicelli noodles
Kind of like Vietnamese version of bubble tea. It was so good. Coconut milk with tapioca pearls and jellied water chestnuts gave it a great sweet crunch.
The jellied drink stand.
We are hopping the overnight train tonight up to the mountains. Can't wait to check out Sapa.