Saturday, September 10, 2011

Laos Part One

"Come to me my jungle friends!" - Mo
LAOS! Wow. Such a special place. It kinda feels like we saved the best for last. Laos has been the perfect place to relax and wind down our trip. Really beautiful, spiritual country with such warm, kind people. We started our trip at the Lao Spirit Resort about 45 minutes outside Luang Prabang. There was only one other guest there and the last day we had the entire place to ourselves. It is low season here, so it feels like we are the only white people in Laos at the moment. It only lightly rains for about 20 minutes a day late afternoon and afterwards we are treated to neon green landscapes and lots of rainbows. At the Lao Spirit we rode elephants, hiked through waterfalls and just chilled out. (90 minute massages for only $15 :)

Our jungle home

View from our deck

BEER LAO! Most delicious beer of the entire trip.
And we're off! Our elephant, Mae Toom, is 39 years old.
Riding through teak forests

 After we rode Mae Toom, we hiked through some serious jungle and crazy waterfalls.
We were so hot - we just jumped right in!
Last but certainly not least, wiener monkey! Every time he saw us, he just shoved his wiener in his mouth.