Sunday, September 11, 2011

Muang La (Laos Part Two)

My favorite kind of Mo is officially in the house - Mountain Mo! It's gonna be a sad day when he needs to shave and get a haircut.
We are in Muang La right now at the Muang La resort. (About 6 hours north of Luang Prabang.) It's definitely the nicest place we've stayed on the trip. It's kinda like the Post Ranch Inn Lao style. Once again, we are the only people at the resort during our 3 day stay. It's kinda crazy, there is a full staff of about 25 people here just for us. We are staying in a huge house on the river and are surrounded by natural hot springs.

The first day we had a guide and driver take us deep into the mountains to visit the Khmu and Ahka tribes. Two of the most unassimilated tribes in all of Southeast Asia. The next day we took a walk to the local temple which houses the holiest Buddha in all of Laos. If you make a wish to him, he is supposed to make it come true. Our time in Muang La has been a beautiful experience and a great way to celebrate our 5th anniversary!

Muang La Resort. Our house is on the right.
We have a room and deck upstairs and this area was just beneath our room. Like an open air, shaded living room overlooking the river.
View from our room
Another pic from the room
Khmu village
Best kids of the trip. They walked with us through the entire village and loved when we snapped pics and showed them on our screen. My favorite is the little naked fella.
Khmu village

Ahka village. Way up on top of a mountain. Over 600 people live up there and it is definitely not easy to get to. When people saw us drive or walk by, they just stopped and stared at us with their jaws on the floor. Don't think they get too many visitors. We also did not take any pictures of the Ahka people. They believe that when you take a picture of them, you steal a part of their soul.
Ahka village. Pigs and goats everywhere. Amazing painted homes and the women wear colorful headdresses with silver coins.
Spirit gate to let good spirits in and keep bad spirits out.
Picnic on the side of the mountain road.
Mo clearing the goat roadblock.

Back at the hotel we met Mr. Henry. He is a 3 month old monkey and we are madly in love with him. The owner of the hotel rescued him when he found out his mother was killed in the jungle. We are abnormally attached to this little guy. Mr. Henry sucks his thumb like a real baby. He loves to be held and screams at you when you try to put him down. He reminds us of Ryker.

We think Mr. Henry thinks Mo is his father because they have the same exact color hair.

Our very own SLEEPING MONKEY. For serious. Sleeping. Monkey.
Some monks (lower right corner) checking out the resort property.
Mo loves hangin with monks. They were taking pictures of him because they'd never seen anyone like him. Mo obviously loved it.