Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fleury Estate Winery

The tasting experience at Fleury is probably one of my favorite in the valley. There are so many huge places up and down Hwy 29 and I find that my favorite wineries are usually the smaller ones a little off the beaten path.

Fleury isn't even that much off the beaten path. Technically it is right off of Hwy 29, but you are away from all the craziness and congestion. Tasting at Fleury is such a cool experience because all tastings are done in little private "salons" sectioned off in their cellar. Everyone there is so friendly and the wines are fantastic. I genuinely liked everything I tasted, but one of the highlights was their F in Red Proprietary Blend. So good.

Just when I thought this place couldn't get any better, I took a trip to the bathroom. When the lady told me the bathroom was the second barrel on the left, I got a little nervous. The bathroom is literally outside in a huge hollowed out barrel. When you open the door, the bathroom is as nice as the bathroom at the Ritz Carlton.....but in a barrel.

I tell everyone to go to Fleury because they just do it right there. Call well in advance to make an appointment and you will love it.

Best bathroom ever.