Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Even though we only had a few days in Beijing, we covered a lot of ground and had a great time! We loved the great wall, the hutongs (really cool, tiny neighborhoods hidden in alleways throughout the city), the 798 art district, and THE FOOD. Here are some pics and highlights:

Great Wall at Mutianyu
Toboggan ride down the wall
Masters at work at Da Dong
Peking duck at Da Dong
Night market
Amazing pork noodle soup at Qin Tang Fu
798 Art District
Shrimp in spicy sauce

We just got into Ulaan Baatar and Mongolia is rad. The culture and history here is pretty amazing. Just had some Mongolian beef and a few Chinggis beers. We are hoppin a small plane tomorrow to the South Gobi Desert and will be staying in gers (fancy yurts) for the next week both in the Gobi and a few national parks. Here we go!