Sunday, August 14, 2011

Greetings From The Gobi

Yep, that's me getting out of a Russian military tank in the middle of nowhere. The Gobi Desert was one incredible adventure. By far the most remote place we've ever been and an amazing experience. At first we thought that our travel guy requested this tank for us because it is cool, but we quickly realized that it was a necessity. There are NO paved roads or even road signs in the desert. The day we arrived was our longest travel day. We hiked around Eagle Valley and then bounced around in that sucker for another 5 hours to our first ger camp that was set beside the massive sand dunes. When we pulled up, Mo said that it felt like we were pulling up to the desert planet of Tatooine and he couldn't wait to tell Dax that we met the sand people and jawas.

driving to the dunes
view from our ger
Hiking the dunes barefoot. So awesome! Great weather. Only about 70 degrees.
sun setting over our camp
After the dunes, we took a 2 hour drive in another direction at stayed at the 3 Camel Lodge. Such a cool place. From there we went to the Red Flaming Cliffs where tons of dinosaur bones are found and then we went to a local camel breeder nearby. We loved the camel breeder because he was such a badass. We got to hang out in his ger with him and get a glimpse into the local way of life. Mo ate some camel milk curd, snuffed some tobacco and drank the local booze, which is fermented horse milk. I did none of the above, but watched with great pleasure. The camels were great because they have two humps and are surprisingly comfortable.
Our ger at the 3 Camel Lodge. The little ger attached to the right is our private bathroom, which was a huge plus.

Red Flaming Cliffs. Lots of dinosaurs up in there.
Jemmi - the coolest/most badass camel hearder in The Gobi. Chillin with us in his ger.
This is when the camel let out a loud wail. He was pissed he got stuck with the big guy.

Great little spot to chill at the top of the mountain.
Last night in The Gobi. Hung out on the front porch of the lodge staring at the moon. Kind of like staring at the ocean because there is just infinite horizons. The moon was so bright when the sky turned black that it was almost like the sun was out.

 Mo drinking the fermented horse milk. Our driver, Sang Jah, looking on and laughing.

Chillin in the ger. Renee - paint us a table like that please!